Limitation of Opportunities
One major barrier that underprivileged children often face in school is limited access to extracurricular activities and educational opportunities outside of the classroom. 🏫🚫 This means that they may miss out on valuable experiences like sports, arts, music, or clubs that can help them explore their interests and develop important skills. 😔🎨🎵

Extracurricular activities and educational opportunities outside of the classroom not only provide a break from academic studies, but they also foster teamwork, leadership, and creativity. They can boost self-confidence and help children discover their passion and talents. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints or lack of resources, underprivileged children may not have the same opportunities as their more privileged peers. 😞💔

At El Genio International Foundation, we seek for partnership and collaboration to make this a reality. Let’s work towards a future where every child in Nigeria has access to quality education, regardless of their background or location.
Cynthia Peter
Project officer

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