We are writing today with a call to action. As you may know there are many underprivileged children in Nigeria struggling to get access to quality education due to numerous challenges: poverty, poor infrastructures, discrimination amongst others. These issues hinder children from reaching their full potential.
However, we believe that every child deserves quality education despite their background. We are urging you to join us in our mission to be the change of the underprivileged in schools. Allan Bloom stated that “education is the movement from darkness to light” Joins us to bring light to them, to give them hope, to turn their big dreams into reality, to show them that we are invested in their future and we are routing for them till the very end.
By becoming involved in our cause, you can help provide children with the resources that they need in school and in life generally. Whether you volunteer, donate to our cause, or simply spread the word about our mission and vision, you can make a life changing difference in the lives of these children.
El Genio International Foundation is dedicated to empowering underprivileged children through education in and outside the classroom. We provide them with materials such as whiteboards, markers and other equipment needed by the school. We have also renovated and built infrastructures for these schools. We also engage them in Mentorship and Career counseling. We cannot do this alone; we need your help to reach more children and make an even greater impact. Together, let us be the change that we want to see in the world.

Chika Okeke.

Director of Programs

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